Boss Los (Revised)

Koschei 134

I've been at it trying to make a Los deck that works, and I landed on this build. It is particularly effective against decks that rely on end the run abilities and Skunkworks.

Special Mentions

Exploit - I run one copy because it can be especially helpful against glacier decks.

High-Stakes Job - A more expensive version of Dirty Laundry, but the payout is MUCH greater, especially if you wait to have a couple Prepaid VoicePADs. don't blindly use it, rather wait until you know what the ice is and you've derezzed it. Oh hi, Anansi. Emergency Shutdown, then HSJ because the corp only has 3 credits!

Peace In Our Time - I included this because money. Lots of money. Also, who cares if the opponent has more money as well when you have Hernando Cortez there to make them spend the extra money anyhow?

Rip Deal - One copy, because it pairs well with The Turning Wheel. You can get back whatever you want with it, just make sure you have space in your hand for all the returned goodies!!!! You can run a second if you think it is too valuable to you.

Verbal Plasticity - This, combined with The Class Act, is all the draw you could want.

Amina - Takes a credit from the corp.

Carmen - Very efficient when multiple sentries are rezzed.

Sneakdoor Beta - This lets you get Exploit and Emergency Shutdown more easily.

Possible Changes

You can swap Bukhgalter in for Carmen if you feel there are not a lot of sentries around. Paragon and some other form of draw can be swapped for Pennyshaver and Verbal Plasticity, but I like the consitency of the Pennyshaver credits. If you feel Peace In Our Time Is unfavorable you can swap in Deuces Wild. That card is never a bad choice! Some may notice that DJ Fenris wasn't included in the list, and that is because I felt that the one credit tax once per turn wasn't as big of a value card as something else. Many times there will be multiple ice rezzed on the same turn, and Reina doesn't affect more than one.

Start Of Game

Look for a prepaid and some money to start. Bravado is usually a solid shot because most ice that can be rezzed turn 1 isn't that dangerous. Hold off on the Forged Activation Orders, Peace, Rip, and even Emergency Shutdowns until you get more of your rig assembled. Early Turning Wheel counters can be very helpful later on, if you find yourself in a situation where you can use it!

Enjoy de-rezzing!!!

Updated List

Removed 3 Peace In Our Time Removed 1 Rip Deal Removed 2 Verbal Plasticity

Added 3 Boomerang Added 1 Rebirth Added 1 Mystic Maemi Added 2 Earthrise Hotel

I swapped in the Mystic Maemi for the 3 Peace because it gave me a more sustainable source of econ, and preventing the corp from getting money. Originally I had Peace to bring the corp over 10 credits to punish with Hernando, but the Mystic feels like a better fit.

Rebirth makes more sense, not really sure why I didn't include it in the first place...

Earthrise is faster than Verbal, and requires just 1 click. It provides more tempo in the early game.

Boomerangs help with early aggression, especially High-Stakes Job and Bravado.