Please No Link - NPE CTM (5th at Ntscape SC)

rustryder 105

This is the concoction I came up with for the Ntscape SC. The main idea is to beat the virus Maxx as I thought it would be the runner deck to beat. Unfortunately, I didn’t face any all day. Otherwise it does okay, as long as the deck lists aren’t open and the runner is on zero link.

On the day it managed to beat Swiftie, Diomedes and Matuszczak (all on some kind of Anarch Apoc) mostly thanks to some help of Fortuna be it unlucky runner draws or me forcing a 50/50 which ended lucky on my end. I don’t think that in the long run this deck will be up in win rate against that archetype, but it is winnable. Additionally, I managed to beat Mao on 419 and Rusefus on Loup by landing an early HHN from which they weren't able to recover. The deck never won by scoring (2 concessions, 2 Kill and one timed-win where the san-san allowed me to fast-advance a Beale in the last round).

The losses were against Tempest on spoony Hoshiko (aided by an early Loup rebirth and knowing the list :p) and twice to ArminFirecracker on Apoc Lat.

I’m pretty happy with the list and would bring it again to any event where I’m not afraid to lose any friends.

Special thanks go to GilesDavis, Bridgeman and Tempest for helping me squeeze the last drop of NPE out of the list.

10 May 2021 ArminFirecracker

Amazing deck! I thought CtM is safe matchup for me. But the first game was pretty close (and the second very unlucky for you).

I wonder how your winrate vs Hivemind MaxX is. I needed to play 4 times against it.

10 May 2021 DonLoverGate


The deck's crazy man, glad I packed a Citadel for the day, sorry to make you play an extra round in the pre-cut bubble.

10 May 2021 Matuszczak

Congrats on the amazing performance especially given the amount of nightmare matchups you had to go through :) It's kind of reassuring that I'm not the only Apoc Anarch that lost to this. I'll agree that on perfect Anarch play this should have no chance in hell, but man is it easy to misplay, especially when you deliver ample opportunities to do so. Interesting outside the box deck and expert piloting :)

11 May 2021 Bridgeman

Congratz dawg! ;) The NPE was strong with you that day, and may it forever remain so!