Seamless Political Dealings

Akhet 20

There's a cute interaction between Seamless Launch and Political Dealings. If you draw a agenda during the Runner's discard phase, you can install it with Political Dealings. Lacking clicks, the Runner obviously can't run the agenda. But since you installed the agenda during the Runner's turn, it will be an eligible target for Seamless Launch during your next turn. This lets you fast advance agendas which require four (4) agenda counters.

This whole deck is built to exploit this interaction, using Seamless Launch, Political Dealings, and Vulnerability Audit to fast advance three (3) points. Besides the schadenfreude of using two cards with specific anti-fast-advance text to fast advance, this lets you threaten a three (3) point score with no advanced cards and no installed agendas.

This deck's game plan is pretty simple. Use your ice and Anoetic Void to defend, use your economy to econ, and use Archived Memories for either more Seamless Launch or grabbing back Political Dealings. Try to score a Flower Sermon first, then either try to score another 2-pointer or put a Political Dealings in the remote. Feel free to use a Seamless Launch to score a Flower Sermon, you'll likely draw another or an Archived Memories.

You'll often want to spend 2-3 counters on Flower Sermon just for the draw, leaving just a couple to use with Political Dealings. If you lack either Flower Sermon or Political Dealings - either due to R&D not cooperating or the Runner interfering - just be boring and try to score out.

Ideally, score a Vulnerability Audit last. Use a Flower Sermon counter during your turn to place the Audit on the top of R&D. Wait for the Runner's discard phase, then use another Flower Sermon counter to draw and install the Audit with Political Dealings. Note this means overnighting the Audit on the top of R&D. The Runner can disrupt this by running R&D, but you can rescue the agenda by instead using the Sermon counter just before access.

Using abilities during the Runner's discard phase is awkward on The website assumes that actions taken before the Corp clicks the "start turn" button take place during step 1.b of the Corp's turn instead of step 2.b of the Runner's turn. You'll probably need to use chat to tell your opponent what you're doing. I do not know how to overrule's insistence that Vulnerability Audit cannot be scored because was installed during your turn rather than the Runner's, other than having the Runner use undo click.

12 May 2021 manveruppd

Would Archived Memories maybe be better as Spin Doctors, as you can not only use them to recur stuff but also to draw cards at the end of the runner's turn, if they don't run it?

12 May 2021 Akhet

I tried Spin Doctor in this deck and found it less useful than the Archived Memories. I found the Runner almost always ran unprotected Spin Doctors, and the recursion was too slow to be useful.