Speedy Dealings

Koschei 134

Ever wonder what kind of shenanigans HB can pull off next? I discovered a very fun combo with a couple cards, and this deck was thrown together with The King to pull the combo off. Here it is!

Cards To Look Out For

Jeeves - Classic extra click!

Nico Campaign - Taken mostly for the free draw at the end, and the money never hurts!

Rashida - Draw!

Spin Doctor - Draw! (Also recursion, but the draw is amplified in this deck)

Fully Operational - If you have an extra click at the start of turn, this card gives you EVEN MORE DRAW!

Political Dealings - The purpose for all that crazy draw!


Manegarm Skunkworks and Manta Grid - Like peanut butter and jelly or a movie at the theater and an ICEE, these two are surprisingly good at defending a server. The grid is 5 to trash, so the runner will be hard-pressed to trash it. The skunkworks will tax the runner, hopefully giving them the lack of clicks or money that procs the grid. Throwing your Political Dealings or Jeeves in that remote is sure to create a nasty headache for your opponent.

Possible Swaps

Agendas - Initially this deck ran the Concept Hopper agenda instead of Megaprix, allowing one Ikawah to be removed from the deck. I like the Megaprix better as it's easier to score with Political Dealings.

Ice - Swap to taste.

Starting Hand

Search heavily for a couple ice and either Rashida or Nico. Jeeves can be included as well, as it's unlikely the opponent will trash it early.

I've gotten lots of positive feedback on this deck, so I hope you enjoy it!!

Happy Hunting!

29 May 2021 Baa Ram Wu

Love the Manta Skunkworks combo here!