Void Cheque [2nd at Vancouver Store Champ]

_deadstock 52

This has collectively gone 5-2 across Vancouver's most recent GNK and Store Champ. Full credit goes to Odol's Acme list, which also includes a fantastic write-up that helped me to pilot this thing.

Changes to that list:

-2x Funhouse -1x Exchange of Information

+1 Cyberdex Virus Suite +1 Tollbooth +1 Digital Rights Management

Ultimately, this deck is super light on tag punishment, and the one copy of EoI in the original list never seemed that worth it to me with only two targets and no Public Trail or HHN. Beyond making your ice a little more reliable and not having to rely solely on your ID, the Runner is pretty free to float tags. As such, I trimmed two Funhouses, as they often turn into 5c ETRs, and didn’t miss them.

Both the Tollbooth and CVS felt good in a variety of matchups; the DRM less so. None of them totally wowed me, however, and this deck likely has a few slots left to optimize. So, some more experimenting might be required!