Near Earth Punitive

Spaulding 22

With Asset spam in Near-Earth Hub: Broadcast Center being rewarded with additional draw, I figured why not use that draw to get yourself a couple Punitive Counterstrikes? Using the draw from your ID, Daily Business Show, and Spin Doctor, it's easy to pretty consistently draw into your Punitives early and be ready to slam the runner when you've baited a server with an Agenda. You almost always have more money than the runner, because you've been throwing down assets every turn, and they've had to try and trash them to keep up, or just let it build and maybe also get hit by Reversed Accounts. Predictive Planogram can help give you a burst draw to see if you can clutch the 2nd punitive, or as burst econ the rest of the time.

Ice up R&D and HQ early on so runners can't get free runs there, and then start going horizontal. If you're going with lots of assets, runners in my experience are more likely to check the new remotes than try and break through your iced centrals. Use your ice liberally, we're not trying to make a scoring server, so feel free to use it to trigger your ID. Once you've gotten both punitives in hand, you can bait discard a Send a Message into archives with a Spin Doctor up to get them to run it, then hit them. If they have money to contest the trace, Bellona with one or two advancements behind an F2P should get them down back into range. You can also try to Game Over them for those pesky Khusyuk runners who might be extremely wealth through Rezeki spam.

This deck doesn't rely entirely on a Punitive kill though. If you have been distracting with asset spam, you could reasonably score a 3 pointer that the runner doesn't check. At this point, since you're probably pretty rich, you can set up a scoring server with F2P/Tollbooth, which is really rough, especially in front of a Bellona. If you've got the opportunity, don't be afraid to go for the scoring win. If they surprise get through, there's always Punitive again.