I've Got the Magic in Me - 1st Ysengrin's Startup Tourn 6/21

Soaps 40

Choose your magic. Whatever weakness the corp is showing exploit, RD with conduit or jailbreak, HQ with docklands or jail break, or build up for remotes with economy and a big rig. There is a weakness that early game can be tough to get online if no economy and corp has good ice also super late game there is nothing to reshuffle things you need (just simulchips to get programs).

Almost always gives you a chance, sometimes very small windows.

I struggle with the correct sentry breaker and find carmen to be expensive, maybe a Bukhgalter would be better or the Echelon. It could use some more tweaks but its fun to play.

6 Jun 2021 Davidmc7

Khusyuk might be a tasty card in this list with the two cost cards (DZMZ, Docklands, Rezekis)

7 Jun 2021 Soaps

@Davidmc7 that's a really good idea. could either swap for conduit if wanted to give up that optionality (which the threat alone makes corps act strongly so i would be concerned to give up) or probably just replace a jailbreak.

7 Jun 2021 bowlsley

Congrats on the result! How much use did Paricia see? I'm a big fan of Imp in shaper and you do have a nice 3 inf going spare :)

8 Jun 2021 Soaps

@bowlsley Thanks! the 3 inf show shows that i never finished tweaking haha (and because I had just taken bukhgalter out that was 2 more inf.). Paricia can be worth its weight in gold, especially against NBN (which is very popular in standard) and even HB that I see a lot of assets in. Though in that tournament it got very minimal use. It could easily be swapped out and certainly is not core to the deck functionality!