Jinteki 40 Standard (old 21.05)

Diogene 1352

OLD VERSION WITH BAN LIST BEFORE 21.06. Check : https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/66286/jinteki-40-standard.

40 cards deck. Goal is to kill the runner with Punitive Counterstrike.


Mulligan plan : Two agendas and more OR no ice.

The 7th point of agenda is Gene Splicer. The runner try to steal it, it will hurt. Also, it is a good bait. You only need to score one Gene Splicer. After it is scored, any other act as bait. Don't score a second one, better to trash it for something else, if the runner does not run it.

Genotyping allow you to put two facedown cards in archive, then withdraw 4. Just withdraw one of the two to trigf the runner goes for Archive, that is a nearly wasted.

Thanks to @Krams, the econ is stronger, with Government Subsidy and Hansei Review, replacing Marilyn Campaign and Celebrity Gift. This allow the deck to have only one remote, making the ices more concentrated.

Baring Anansi, all your ices are pretty cheap and will tax the runner. IP Block double as an AI deterrent.

The agenda suite has very good synergy with Punitive Counterstrike. Bacterial Programming will let you find it (you get to see a third of your deck) and Obokata Protocol allow you to flatline the runner with only one Punitive Counterstrike.


10 Jun 2021 FreqKing

I'm giving the like for elegant deck building but want to emphasize I don't like it.

10 Jun 2021 Beesknees

`@FreqKing I totally agree but man is it me or is the 40 card decks really really strong right now

10 Jun 2021 Diogene

@FreqKing and @Beesknees, those are great compliments! Thanks! Maybe there will be more corp deck with the real minimum. It is a fun design space. Cheers!

10 Jun 2021 Beesknees

`@Diogene quick question I just published my first corp deck how does one get exposure do you just wait for people to search decks by fourth rotation standard etc sorry to bug you just kinda new to publishing decks Looking forward to play this deck again I tried it but couldn't manage to figure the matchup against maxx

10 Jun 2021 Diogene

@Beesknees here is my take on your question. You get to be seen if you deck get "likes" and comments. This is the main way. So, I suggest you show your deck (the URL of it in netdb) to players with whom you played the deck. It allow the player to see your deck and be inspired (maybe) by its design. The write-up you do on it makes a difference. If you want to see great write-up, look up Xandorius decks.

Also, if you have a higher reputation, your deck will show up more when a player is looking up decks sorted by reputation (instead of popularity).

Against MaxX: Maximum Punk Rock deck, it will depend which type of MaxX: Maximum Punk Rock deck. There is the 45 cards decks, which require quite bit of skill, but as a lot of tools. That type of MaxX: Maximum Punk Rock is more vulnerable to this deck, since it has difficulties to keep cards in hand.

The other type of MaxX: Maximum Punk Rock decks are those with lots and lots of cards, usually between 60 and 100. Those can steal Obokata Protocol without problem. Here, you should try to double Punitive Counterstrike them. But watchout, you'll need a good credit lead to win this. It is a tough matchup.

I hope this help you. Cheers!

10 Jun 2021 Beesknees

``@Diogene` thanks that's makes sense I appreciate it quite a bit