(Core + Genesis One Box 1/6) Haas-Bioroid Big Ice

james123lui 1

Sharing the 6 decks that I built using a single Core Set box + a full Genesis proxy. The goal is to build a few decks that me and my friends can play on the fly once in a while without needing to scrap for cards and rebuild decks.

-- About this deck --

The 3 decks on the Corp side each represent a different play style. This deck probably plays the strongest and the most "classic" Netrunner compared to the other two. It is a glacier deck utilizing big ICE like Janus 1.0 and Tollbooth and ways such as Oversight AI, Accelerated Beta Test and Priority Requisition to cheat them out. Because of the many powerful ICE, it works well with the drip economy from Adonis Campaign and Eve Campaign but at the same time also consumes a lot of economy to rez the ICE.

-- Some deckbuilding thoughts --

On the Corp side, given the obvious issue of a lack of economy and limited number of ICE, we tried to slot in every possible economy card. Still, some cards like Dedicated Server just didn't make the cut as it is difficult to get credit positive. There was also an attempt to build a 7th deck with Weyland to have a representative deck for each faction, but the Corp cards have already been spread thin enough compared to the Runner to match the power level. Still, if the Weyland deck were to be built, I'd imagine that being the self-contained advancing synergies with Simone Diego, Amazon Industrial Zone and Commercialization as the janky economy which would only fit this archetype.