(Core + Genesis One Box 4/6) Criminal Good Rich Stuff

james123lui 1

Sharing the 6 decks that I built using a single Core Set box + a full Genesis proxy. The goal is to build a few decks that me and my friends can play on the fly once in a while without needing to scrap for cards and rebuild decks.

-- About this deck --

One deck has been built for each Runner faction. This is the "classic" Netrunner with proper Icebreakers supported by strong economy. Many thematic Criminal cards such as Sneakdoor Beta, Account Siphon, Bank Job and Inside Job are included to showcase the run-based economy.

-- Some deckbuilding thoughts --

Building Runner decks has been much easier than the Corp, both because of the more card options (spread across 3 factions instead of 4) and arguably better-defined identities in the Core set. The considerations then became which playstyle to showcase and build around. In the end I went with a "run-based" Criminal, "destruction-based" Anarch and a "rig-based" Shaper, which I think represent the identities rather well.