(Core + Genesis One Box 6/6) Shaper Replicator Workshop

james123lui 1

Sharing the 6 decks that I built using a single Core Set box + a full Genesis proxy. The goal is to build a few decks that me and my friends can play on the fly once in a while without needing to scrap for cards and rebuild decks.

-- About this deck --

One deck has been built for each Runner faction. This is a hardware-oriented build that requires some set-up to work. The game plan revolves around Personal Workshop and Replicator to retrieve multiple copies of hardware consistently, accelerated by Stimhack, Magnum Opus and Kati Jones. Different hardware serves different purposes:

1) R&D Interface for strong R&D attacks;

2) Rabbit Hole to beat traces and to fuel the economy with Underworld Contact;

3) Dinosaurus and The Personal Touch to boost the fixed-strength Mimic and Yog.0, or to make Battering Ram even stronger.

Deck-thinning and consistency is the goal here. With Mr. Li, Replicator, Test Run and Tinkering the goal is to get what you want when you want, and to have every answer to any server as soon as possible.

-- Some deckbuilding thoughts --

There are many synergies here but the deck is still surprisingly clumsy. I think the difficulty in playing this deck is to acknowledge that the Corp is not going to let you fully set up, so knowing when to give up the third R&D Interface and use Test Run to start building the icebreakers is tricky.

In this deck I tried to go for the Shaper theme of "give me enough tools and I can solve every problem", starting with the fixed-strength breakers. There is so much tinkering around to make them work, then they just become so efficient late-game. Kate "Mac" McCaffrey: Digital Tinker might get those breakers to work too, but despite there being so many interesting hardware Personal Workshop is just indispensable and sadly that conflicts with Kate's ability.