SanSan City Medical

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vampire0 250

This deck went 4-2 during the SE Regionals, loosing to the 2nd place finisher and someone with astounding luck/psychic powers (5 blind hand accesses, pulled the 1 in 5 4 times). The idea is simple: rush agendas hard.

I focused on cheap ETR ice, or ones that offered unique defensive advantages. Wall of Thorns can be a great rez off an early Hedge Fund to either keep runners out of R&D or create a scoring server. Never underestimate the 2 net damage they get from face-checking it, particularly on a tight clock. Inazuma Helps to "reactivate" ETR ice once the runner has a breaker, and Guard is a Sentry ETR that also keeps out Inside Job and Femme.

Economy is focused on providing quick cash bursts to power scoring and to generate enough to rez a San San City Grid within the first 2-3 turns to power out agendas.

Some plays that I've found effective within the deck:

  • Mushin No Shin + NAPD, then ice turn 1: Even if the Runner can get past the ice, they've usually spent enough money that they can't afford to steal the agenda. Leaves your R&D vulnerable but you can score and be 1/3 of the way to the win.
  • Mushin No Shin + SanSan City Grid: Some people pull in Dues Ex, some draw up, but most people run it; most wont have 5 credits to loose trashing the SanSan, so they bounce and then have to figure out what to do. If you have Trick of Light in hand and 8 credits you can rez the SanSan, then ToL tokens to score a 2/4 out of hand.

In general the rest of the cards are there to slow down opponents: if they are trashing everything, drop more Mental Health Clinics and make them waste credits and clicks. If they hit everything you Mushin, Mushin a Shi.kyu and let them eat that. This deck can "turtle" if necessary and guard centrals and rely on ToL to score 2/3s (only need 3 of them), so you can adjust your play style a bit (rather than pure aggressive).

Its true I've not played against a Siphon heavy deck with this thing: I can imagine that would be rough since I can't ice heavily, but I'd probably be a little more conservative against Criminal and Guard HQ so they couldn't get in and turtle to ToL out agendas.