Bad Mr Ichi

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Bad Mr Ichi

Custom Biotics let's us play with some fantastic tag punishment and being Has, we have some pretty good tag ice already with Ichi. The only issue is that it often seems noone punishes tags given by Ichi. Well with the new set I wanted to build a deck that could play bad times, archived memories for it and play it again in the same turn. This is that deck, It can also throw out multiple scorched earths in a single turn while you're at it.

This first version is going oversized by two categories and running the amazing new Has agenda while we're at it. 2 for 0 which is useless to the runner compliments an agenda suite of 2 pointers very well making them work harder for the points than we have to. A full barrage of Ichis backs up our early game ice assortment of next ice and while we're at it, our 2 for 0 agenda is perfect to feed to archers which are supported by corporate trouble shooter.

I'm only now getting in play testing on octgn with the deck but as an alpha build, its looking rather promising.

~~Changes may include pulling in a dataraven or two since we have plenty of tag punishment to be afraid of. They might come in over the primary transmission dishes but I'm currently eager to see how well those perform in fueling traces by our full compliment of Ichis.~~

Officially made the change from primary transmission dish into data ravens. Wish I could edit the published list ;)

11 Jun 2014 ExplodyCat

Yes, its decided as of this moment that 2 Primary Transmission Dish become 2 Data Raven

Now considering converting the 2 Shadow into my third and picking up the final Melange Mining Corp.

11 Jun 2014 taliancich

@ExplodyCat Consider running an Eliza's Toybox instead of a 3rd Melange?

12 Jun 2014 ExplodyCat

@taliancich So Im currently toying with the idea of turning the two Shadow into a third Data Raven and using the free slot for an Eve Campaign.

Eliza's Toybox isn't worthwhile for the deck as the ice just isnt expensive enough compared to the profit made by Melange Mining Corp. Meanwhile Archer isn't difficult for this deck to rez with the additional agenda points in it and the potential of hitting it on a Accelerated Beta Test