[Startup] Precision Design 1.0

Navelgazer 95

Very rough version of a Precision Design Startup deck, published just to share with friends for comments, though if any strangers have thoughts, please fire away!

21 Jul 2021 Lockernee245

I feel like Manegarm Skunkworks is sufficient to protect your remote scoring server, but if you want to continue running Anoetic Void I suggest cutting the third copy as it is unique and you can only have one active copy at a time anyways.

Use the extra influence to run something else, for example a pair of Tollbooths for extra defence, two Urtica Ciphers for mind games or a full set of Government Subsidy - more econ never hurts.

I also feel like running 3 copies of Bass CH1R180G4, Biotic Labor and Seamless Launch each is a bit overkill as Haas-Bioroid: Precision Design allows you to recur/recycle one of those cards every time you fast advance anyways. Consider cutting a few of those for some of the aforementioned cards. Sprint is also a good choice as that helps with agenda flood.

21 Jul 2021 Navelgazer

Thank you!