Dyper v7.0 6th @ APAC 2021 (4-0 in Swiss, 0-2 in Cut)

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Unrelated Story Part 5

“You know perfectly well that only Rotage0 knows why Rotage2 was banished” Rotage1 told Tieswi, he hoped Tieswi would believe him
“Hmm, not sure I believe you here, Rotage0 wouldn’t send you out here into the city without giving you all the facts now would he?” replied Tieswi
“Believe it or not, that is the fact of the situation”
“Well without that, not entirely sure why I should help you then”
Rotage1 considered the situation, he didn’t want to reveal what he knew but he also knew he needed Tieswi’s help in the situation and it was clear Tieswi wouldn’t budge here
“Fine, Rotage2 was never banished, he was sent to prison, that’s all I know”
“But if he is in prison then why are you looking for him, surely just go to the prison that he was sent to”
“I would, but he escaped”
“Escaped?? But how did he escape, who helped him??”
“Giledavis, Giledavis helped him escape…”

To be continued


If I was going to play an event that started at 4am for me then I wanted a fun deck to play and what is more fun than making the corporation put all their agendas into archives for you? Nothing (well apart from 15 click turns, but thats another story)

So I opted for a Fear the Masses deck, I also figured being able to put Vacherons into Archives would be a good plan too.
The idea of the deck was not too be fully focused on the combo but to play actual netrunner for a bit and if possible steal some agendas which
a) means you need less agendas on the big turn
b) can slow the corp down as they need to find more agendas to score
c) potentially with b you may get to a situation where you can just mill the corp out of cards

Card Breakdown

The deck kinda builds itself here, you need 6 copies of Fear the Masses so that only leaves 3 influence and as I wanted a decent fracter I opted for paperclip. After that the rest of the cards are used to gain money and draw through your deck. The exception being T-400 memory diamond so you can hold all the fear the masses, and rezeki as you have spare MU because of T-400 which can be handy if the game goes long for any reason

The Games

Now thanks to the excellent replay feature I can go back and give info on the games

Round 1 - Xtreme - Built to Last
Was a tough game for my opponent as they were heavily agenda flooded and had 5 agends in HQ at one point, I managed to get up to 6ap and they were only only on 3ap, I had drawn my whole deck and play a couple of FtM to win the game

Round 2 - Pao Chan - Sports Metal
My opponent got an early score from the table as I didn't check early on (a mistake I made) after this I started to set up with an SMC installed so my opponent respected clot, eventually they bioticed out a Mega Prix and now realised I didn't have clot were free to FA out, I trashed the Jeeves to make it harder for them to FA out a Vacehron, I then setup, and comboed out hitting 12 points in the bin (2 were already there from an earlier audacity)

Round 3 - Longi - Argus
A matchup I hadn't expected or tested for. My opponent got scored a naked Atlas from the table on turn 1 which I chose not to contest, instead I setup. My opponent then FAed a hostile. They then tried to score an atlas behind a border control, but with SMC on the table and misdirection in my hand I felt confident to check it and I stole the Atlas. We both continued to setup. They then scored an atlas from the 3 ice remote which I didn't contest, but I probably should have, they were now on 5ap so I had to do my combo now. I only managed to hit 3ap but now I had to decide to either take tags or take damage, I opted for damage as all they would need is 1HPT to win or 2 HPT if took 1 tag and 2 damage, having seen no HPT or Convis in the bin but an audicity inthe bin and only 1 3/2 left I felt I'd have another turn. With no ice in HQ, only a border control protecting R&D they put their agenda in the remote. I ran the remote and stole the agenda to win

Round 4 - Profwacko- PD
Tough game, we both setup and my opponent managed to get to 4ap with a taxing remote, I managed to get a GFI from a jailbreak on R&D having to gamble that each time they put a card in the remote it wasn't a GFI they could score, my opponent did manage to score a 2 pointer going to 6, however they didnt have any more agendas and while digging were using an MCA Austerity, this was fine for me as I knew with that in remote they couldn't score, I trashed it eventually before it hit 2 tokens, but now my opponents R&D was looking thin so the mill was an option now with only 1 spin doctor left. Then installed a card in the remote, I had to gamble it wasnt a spin and managed to mill them outline

Round 5 - ID Town- PD
I chose to ID which was a gamble as my SOS was terrible, but I was tired (it was a bad ID as I finished 9th but 2 players in top 8 had to pull out so I still made the cut

Cut Round 1 - Rongydoge - Sports
Having seen their list I figured their best strategy would be to FA out agendas while putting a gatekeeper on HQ and only rezzing when I would combo, this was exactly what happened, I did manage to play a couple of Fear the massses but only hit 3AP and they then scored out the winning agenda the following turn

Cut Round 3 - Motionblue - PD
As per every tournament I faced MotionBlur, like the previous PD game they setup a remote and were scoring out, I had a lucky jailbreak on R&D which got me 4AP, they then put a card in the remove advanced 1 while on 4ap, I gambled that it was just a 4/2 they wanted me to think was a 5/3 (which was the case) I now had a bit more money, I could afford just the 1 Fear the masses which got me 2AP, with my last throw of the dice I managed a single run on R&D with equivocation (first time I installed it all tournament) but I whiffed and they scored out


As I suspected the deck did well in Swiss where people know what will happen, but do badly in the cut where people know the list. Changes I'd like to consider finding room for clot (maybe switching paperclip to one of the criminal fracters for influence) to help the sports matchup. However the PD match is still very tough again you could try to find room for Pol Op but if you want that and clot you now have to use Gauss which is far from ideal. Going forward I will focus on an anarch list instead as I will have more influence available

Thanks to Nisei for running a great event, to all my opponents for great games. Any questions please let me know

16 Aug 2021 gilesdavis

I have been known to bake a nice key-cake, from time to time :)

16 Aug 2021 rotage

Lol, be careful about spilling your secrets, Rotage2 is still out there and we don't know what he is planning...

16 Aug 2021 profwacko

Congratulations on the top 6 finish! Crazy game we had, really didn't see the mill coming

16 Aug 2021 Shiiuga

@rotage Just to add to my reputation have you considered swapping clip for corroder, adding a buffer drive and then using the following to get extra FTM trashes:

Step 1: Have 0 cards in deck

Step 2: Play Fear the Masses, trashing 6 cards from R&D

Step 3: Buffer Drive the FTM back on the 'bottom' of your deck.

Step 4: Aniccam draw the FTM you just put back in

Step 5: FTM for 6 cards again.

It's not good, but it is funny, and in some ways that's just as important.

16 Aug 2021 rotage

@profwacko Thanks, yeah was a close game we had and I was lucky you didnt know my plan otherwise I'd have been in big trouble

@Shiiuga Genius, why didnt I think of this, although is there a window for me to play the 1st FtM have it mill 6 cards and then put it to the bottom of the deck before Amicam triggers?

16 Aug 2021 Shiiuga

@rotage Both Buffer Drive and Aniccam's abilities start with the text 'the first time each turn' so they happen concurrently. The first copy of FTM doesn't trash until after it resolves and you have milled 6. You would then get to choose order of resolution of the other two effects, I believe.

16 Aug 2021 RickRageLa

most hilarious deck i have seen in a while, super great

17 Aug 2021 Longi

Congrats on such a good placing. It warms me to see that someone is willing to take originil decks to the continentals!

17 Aug 2021 rotage

@RickRageLa Thanks, I aim to please :)

@Longi Thanks, yup I get so much joy from trying to make interesting decks and take them to big events, thanks for our games were great fun as always :)

17 Aug 2021 Swiftie

This is a terrible deck. The main offender is the name. What happened to Dyper V6?

17 Aug 2021 rotage

v6 was a failed experiment

18 Aug 2021 Havvy

How can I not love this deck?

18 Aug 2021 Swiftie

@Havvyyou must have not seen who posted it then...

I hope a better deck get deck of the week...

18 Aug 2021 Elodius

Only logging in to show some Dyper love ! Great job again !

18 Aug 2021 rotage

@Havvy Thanks :) @Elodius Great to see you, and thanks I will keep the Dyper dream alive always :)

20 Aug 2021 5N00P1

Dyper times again? Together with TagMe Crim? What comes next? Congrats and nice deck!

20 Aug 2021 rotage

@5N00P1 Thanks, Russian NEH hopefully :)