Speedy Half The Time

Diogene 1625

10% of the time, Jinteki: Personal Evolution is the fastest corp out there, winning in less than 3 minutes. No others corp can go as fast.

Speed Kill

Mulligan plan : Get Mwanza City Grid or start with some econ.

Game plan : Fork the runner between bad choices.

Put Mwanza City Grid on R&D and get rich while making the runner sweat bullets. For extra kick, protect R&D with Pop-up Window.

Use La Costa Grid to charge up a Clearinghouse or Urtica Cipher. Maybe the runner runs it... and die. Or the runner does not runs it... and die. Or, maybe the runner made the correct choice and does not dies. No problem, the Urtica Cipher becomes a Trick of Light battery.

Celebrity Gift is there mainly to have something in case Mwanza City Grid does not show up.

Make sure to put Anansi and Chiyashi on the board, usually protecting a remote or HQ. The first time the runner will trigger Send a Message, you get a free Chiyashi, for a sweet 12 value at no cost. And if you are against 419: Amoral Scammer and Aumakua, Chiyashi is a great turtle hate.

If possible, use Spin Doctor to bring back Snare!.

Don't forget that you can use Clearinghouse for value, by making the runner lose enough cards to be with one 1 card and then, scoring a Sting!.

Straightforward and fun. Sometime, you could get your R&D flooded and Mwanza City Grid will give the runner 4 or 7 points in one go, but that is very rare. Othertime, the runner get Snare! and Sting! on the first run on R&D. Just plain Jinteki: Personal Evolution type of fun.


20 Aug 2021 RickRageLa

you solved the problem for my jinteki deck, hooray!

21 Aug 2021 Diogene

@RickRageLa glad to help. This deck is a lot of fun!