Always be Compulsive

Diogene 1740

This is an Always Be Running list. It is agressive (one run per turn, at the beginning of the turn), it is fun, it is interactive.

Big shoutout to ThanosKFC for our discussions on Adam decks.

Always be Running

First, the directives : Always Be Running, Safety First, Neutralize All Threats.

Mulligan plan : Econ econ econ. You want at least one card that will give you credits.

The fun part is to setup the combo of Algernon and Multithreader, which will give you a at the beginning of turn. This will go a long way in your uses of Always Be Running.

You'll notice there is only one Mayfly. This is because this is a near breakerless deck. You have enough to get you 18 accesses in a game.

Flip Switch will let you run anything and be able to jack-out.

Scrubber will help you deal with the obligation to trash the first thing you see from Neutralize All Threats.

The main weakness of the deck is Hard-Hitting News. Nothing you can do about it here.

There are possible refinement, like using Dr. Lovegood. Boomerang could be used.

If you have a suggestion, I'm taking any, but it has to be about an Always Be Running deck.


21 Aug 2021 valerian32

I think that if you have Algernon you maybe don't need all three multithreader since you'll only use mayfly once.

Also I'd trade one tread lightly for a rip Deal. You have 2-3 accesses, so you can have 2-3 cards back.

Also I'd consider 1-2 scrubber for 1-2 overclock. It only gives you 4 credits buut it's a run event and it saves you influence.

For the tags, maybe 1-2 networking? equivocation? no one home?

21 Aug 2021 Diogene

@valerian32 No One Home is a good call and Rip Deal could be a lot of fun, I'll try those for sure. Thank you for sharing.

22 Aug 2021 superheronation

@Diogene I love this concept. I think you'll probably only need one Multithreader in play (to keep Algernon firing). If your max rig is probably 3 Rezeki + 1 Multithreader + 1 Algernon (assuming you use Mayfly early), I'd recommend 1-2 Brainchips because you'll probably have drawn most of your cards by the time you get to 5+ MU. Kongamato and Ghabali: I'd recommend 2x on Kongamato and Ghabali and at least 1 Boomerang (most common ice have multiple subroutines).