Reg Anarch Lives! (3-1 and 13th at EU/AFR 21)

paulyg 1110

Rejoice! Reginald D Anarch [(C) Chris Dyer 2021] lives even in this fast meta.

Forget apoc. Forget Hivemind. Get things done the Reg way with the everything breaker, big econ, some ice destruction, and eventually rebirthing into ludicrous mode.

I did make some concessions to the current meta. The Stargates came in to give you something against Sports, or any other deck trying to go too fast for you. The Dreamnet is nice to find early in these match-ups, but it’s also a good 1x to install about the time you rebirth into Omar in the longer games as it means you don’t suddenly run out of steam (you’ll have plenty of money to install it). Asger told me to cut the third Rezeki for a Career Fair, for potentially a little bit more early speed in the quick games.

But the core of this deck is the idea that Botulus + Hippo is very bad for any corp trying to score behind ice. Botulus the inner ice, have Hippo and Engolo installed to threaten the outer and challenge hard. The general idea is as old as the game - try to stretch the corp further than they can cover. Third ice on the remote? Great, how’s R&D looking… Or maybe it’s Omar time. The Rezeki and Paladin + Keiko drip should keep you going and you can use the ID ability plenty whilst you build your board and pressure the corp. You don’t need to install all the Hotels. You don’t need to use Stargate in the more glacier games. Swap the WCS for something else if you like, but it’s about 90% an extra Gamble if you play it at the right time.

This list went 3-1 at the Europe & Africa Continental, taking me to 13th place. Wins were against Acme, Restoring Humanity, and Precision Design. The one loss was against that Sports list, but this deck did what it was supposed to: installed Stargate turn 1 and Stargated every turn until I lost (having found only 2 3/1 agendas). Thanks to all my opponents for a fun day, and to the Nisei organisers for running a very slick tournament!