Ludicrous Speed

Diogene 1625

Finish the game in 10 minutes or less. Shortest game : 1 minute.

Thanks to SanSanFrancisco for the inspiration and fun comments on my other deck (

Big thanks to ThanosKFC for discussing ideas for the deck, much appreciated.

Ludicous speed

Mullligan plan : Get Mwanza City Grid, unless you have 3 econ cards.

This deck allow you to ignore the ability of 419: Amoral Scammer. Mwanza City Grid will get you most kills and Sting! is the second best killer after Punitive Counterstrike.

Here are some tricks :

  1. Mwanza City Grid on R&D and Hokusai Grid on HQ, unless there is Stargate. In case Stargate is on the board, reverse and put Mwanza City Grid on HQ and Hokusai Grid on R&D.

  2. Afshar on HQ and Archer on R&D.

  3. Use Kakurenbo for Gene Splicer.

  4. It is possible to score out with only one Obokata Protocol, Gene Splicer and Sting!.

  5. Bacterial Programming will (hopefully) get you the Punitive Counterstrike and Mwanza City Grid will pay for it.

  6. Celebrity Gift will allow you to get credits if the runner does not run Mwanza City Grid.

  7. I don't expect to ever score a Bacterial Programming.

  8. If the runner was able to score one Sting! and one 3 pointers, the Punitive Counterstrike becomes useless.


30 Aug 2021 Diogene

It seems to work just as well if you replace all the Hansei Review by Tithe.

8 Sep 2021 JacquesZhang

I love the deck idea, but since you probably know why it's strong, I'll try to point out how it could also be weak.

The amount of ice you have seems a little suspect to me. You need to have 2/3 Punitives in hand to really punish stealing agendas, and it doesn't seem like you have a way of ever actually scoring agendas. What if the runner just never runs, stockpiles credits, and waits for you to install agendas by turn 20? What do you do if the runner just chains Earthrise Hotels and runs R&D/HQ? Keep in mind that runner econ is generally significantly better than corp econ (Like, rezeki/overclock/daily casts/bravado/diversion of funds). I feel like the runner can very easily play around your deck and get easy wins if they don't get cheesed and die to net damage early on. It just doesn't seem like you can actually make a scoring remote. And if you can't score a Sting since you have literally no remote server ice, how are you going to rez Archer? As a runner I don't feel bad face-checking every single time you install a remote if it means you can never score anything. Cuz tbh, a double advanced gene splicer is not that scary. You spent 3 clicks and 2 credits to remove 3 cards. A pretty bad trade tbh. If you're plan of scoring agendas is to bluff in remotes, you should add some more stuff like Urtica Cipher. Gene Splicer is generally played when you play only 5/3 agendas since it makes the numbers much nicer for you (you only need 2 agendas to win consistently, but the runner always needs 3). Since you are running stings then there's not much point to it. Keep in mind scoring gene splicer is actually a pretty big investment. It takes the normal card and click to install, and takes another 3 advances, and another 2 credits to rez, and another click to score.

Also as a general deckbuilding comment, you might want to run 49 cards, just to lower the agenda density a bit and so you have more time to set up and gain credits. Of course, since you're looking for 2/3 punitives I can understand why you would run 45.

9 Sep 2021 JacquesZhang

Ah sorry my previous comment was a bit ranty; was writing this pretty (really) late at night and was basically just talking to myself in my head lol. Reading this again I sound kind of like a jerk sorry. I'm sure it works much better in practice than I had originally thought, so I was probably more critical than I should've been. I think I really underestimated how much damage sting can do, especially in PE. Also mwanza city grid forcing multiple steals/snares in one turn also seems really strong, which I hadn't really considered even though it might be the core part of the gameplan. Haha oops, wish I could rewrite my original comment but I don't seem to see a way to.