Performed Great in Testing (2-4 American Continentals 2021)

tzeentchling 706

Not as planned

Yes, it's another Counter Surveillance Zahya deck. The combo between Zahya and Obelus is now pretty well known and few people are playing HPT so a natural predator is rare. It's nice to laugh at Hard-Hitting News. Normally, this deck is one I have a ton of fun playing, and I thought it had pretty good odds against the field from my playtesting, but this tournament was very unkind to me.

R1 - Reality+ - L - Should have been favored in this match. Got tagged early, found the Obelus and survived one BOOM!, but was one card short of surviving a second one a couple turns later due to a SYNC BRE subroutine. My opponent playing three(!) Consulting Visit did not help either.

R2 - Sportsmetal - L - Game in 10. Missed multiple Vitruvius in hand despite an early Docklands. Got to 7 but of course one was Vacheron. Also, found a possible Jinteki bug - replacement effects like Embezzle cause you to draw 0 cards from Obelus, which combined with Class Act drawing and bottoming one extra card meant I had to bottom an otherwise very useful CS.

R3 - Acme - L - Being 1-3 and coming up against world champ @Limes was a rough draw. Still almost beat his Acme deck but couldn't quite get to 16 credits to steal a Bellona behind a Data Ward. Marjanah is great against small barriers but not meant for that!

R4 - Outfit - W - Both Punitive and Neurospike are basically turned off when you have a handsize of 6 or more. An early Obelus and lots of money meant this game was not a problem for the deck, which thankfully lacked HPT.

R5 - Asa - W - My opponent simply got flooded, and I stole 8 points from HQ by turn 4.

R6 - Sportsmetal - L - Game in 8 turns. Never saw Docklands, and scored an early Megaprix Qualifier, allowing him to score the other two with tokens. All my other multiaccess whiffed. Still managed to get to 8 points but of course, Vacheron is a card.

So what can I say? The archetype is still good. Lucky Charm helps against Anoetic Void or Border Control on your CS run. I like the hand disruption of Embezzle more than the econ disruption of DooF - you're not 419 pressuring their econ. Just make your own! Just had not the best day, I suppose.