Métropole Grid Eternal: Andypocalypse

Scorpi12 145

Here's a deck I made for some Eternal format fun on the Métropole Grid channel! Note the accent "aigu," which Andrej was very upset I did not include on my previously published decklist. Something about "esseeyo" and "brand stability," then a lot of screaming.

This deck is based on coda's New Eternal Apoc Crim. I toyed with the idea of adding DDoS, but there just wasn't space for it, points-wise, and it was the easiest thing to drop. Account Siphon is also gone - at 3 points, it was hard to justify, and as useful as it can be during an Apoc turn... I'm making enough money. With AS gone I could drop New Angeles City Hall.

This is using the point system laid out in the August 8th Nisei blog post. 1 point for Aumakua 2 points for Crowdfunding 3 points for Temujin