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Jim Jams

In the Modded days of yore, ES was sad and terrible to play. Behold the release of Gateway and Startup has heralded Return of the Empire (cue Empire March theme). The idea for the deck came from a standard experiment, brewed with the help of the Bears Lair, and a janky CTZ/Murphy deck. The primary fork is the classic "Is that an agenda?". Generally, followed by "Sh1T it's not. I'm dead." Thanks to the secondary fork of Clearinghouse (see point 4) and/or Urtica Cipher.

General strategy: 1) ICE those centrals. Effective ICE package on HQ is a 3 token Akhet + 1 or 2 Winchester with a Crisium in the root. R&D is 3 token Akhet, Archer/Pharos/Rime. You have options :D Once the centrals are secured. It's time to... 2) Stick Things in the Remote with a La Costa Grid. Ideally behind a single ICE. This is where you start playing 'Guess the Fork". 3) Credit up as early as possible. Ideal opening is Hedge, Akhet/Winchester into W2W. 4) Rigshooter. Depending on the runner we have options with Archer, Colossus and SDS. This is a bonus plan. Hitting an early out-of-faction breaker can slow the runner and give you space to Clear-House. 5) “Say Hello to my little friend”. We have quite the team with Punitive Counterstrike, Clearinghouse and Urtica Cipher. 6) We have Sprint and the Good Doctor to deal with a Flood situation. How you set up and jam is dependent on the runner id. Credits are like confetti these days, most savvy runners will credit up and time their runs. Which is when you start playing 'Guess what's in the remote'. A few crazy runners have paid the 6 cred tax and hit the remote directly, into a 6 token Cipher. Anyhoo, have fun. Let me know how you go, or with any tweaks.

9 Sep 2021 ThePatrician

Forgot to mention cards 48 and 49 are Cayambe Grid.