frontu 313

Based on Steven Wooley's Anatomy of Anarchy.

The idea behind this deck is to punch through their ice just a few times using expensive, but flexible breakers (Knight and Overmind). Make those runs count with Account Siphon, Crescentus, and Keyhole. Face-checking ice early with Rook will slow the Corp down enough to get a Knight or Overmind out and threaten R&D/HQ. Additionally, you'll see a tag-me strategy with Joshua B, Data Leak Reversal and a bunch of Plascretes. I usually throw down Joshua pretty early (but you have to read the game carefully before taking a bunch of tags).

You might notice that I don't have any recursion. In my testing I didn't need it because a) I run 3 of all my key cards and b) I can usually hamstring the Corp (and many times win) by the mid-game.

I also found that Parasite, even without Datasuckers, is really good. It makes quick enough work of strength 2 or less ice and it saves you 1 credit/turn to break with Overmind.