Kickstarter Scam (1st @ OTG Eternal)

analyzechris 531

I will take any excuse to play Hayley, so she was a no-brainer for the Off the Grid 2021 Eternal Side Event on Day 2. This went 2-0-1 on the day, tying a scoreless game that went to time against Museum IG where I trashed two Blacklists for a total of over 30 credits.

Shout out to @ysengrin for running an excellent SSS tourney. Dude put a lot of thought into it and the format is legit!

The deck is pretty simple, rake it in with donations from your wealthiest followers, eventually sell the pledges on the black market, and send the rest to Mars.

The deck is chock full of tech and Laguna helps you find it fast enough (just Bloo Moose the dead cards) Despite the big install cost of Bloose/Laguna the deck starts churning cash quick enough.

Eternal is a wild west of a format full of much more creative decks, but Hayley is my number one and she's always a blast to play.

Roseville is always the best, so shout out to Orbital Tangent for an inspiring weekend and Snare Bears for their help with testing and understanding my unending desire for India Palace.