Reversed RH (Startup)

CritHitd20 3784

Went 5-1 between myself and one other at a small local Startup meet up; my noted friend won the event with this. I haven't played Startup before but this list felt strong. I think I wish I had played 3 Saitensan 0 Tithe and 2 Enigma.

La Costa is constantly threatening here, and Bran is amazing as an ice to protect Void. Reversed was regularly draining for 12c. Send A Message was bad but there is no alternative save for having to score 4 4/2s and I dont wanna do that. I like that you can be more proactive with this deck instead of waiting forever for an unreasonably taxing remote, only to lose on centrals.

26 Sep 2021 Ätsch

This looks deceivingly simpe somehow ;D (not that it's a bad thing!). Any opinion on Vulnerability Audit?

26 Sep 2021 TugtetguT

@Ätsch VulAudit looks like a great inclusion :+1:

26 Sep 2021 francesco.pellegrini.netrunnerdb

This looks really close to a deck I've been fiddling around, nice!

I've indeed picked Vulnerability Audit over Send a Message and also Gold Farmer over Brân.

26 Sep 2021 CritHitd20

I'd love Audit, unsure what the cut could be. 1 Bran?

26 Sep 2021 Ätsch

I think 3 Reversed Accounts and 3 Magnet are overkill. That would also free space for the Enigma and sth else, maybe a Subliminal Messaging? I feel that's a great card in RH.

Maybe even put in a Konjin and tell me how you feel about it.

26 Sep 2021 render787

Very interesting -- a lot of card overlap with my deck here:

I may try your version with reversed accounts instead of manegarm skunkworks. I'm also curious about the 3x Bran instead of 2x, he's definitely pretty important. I like having the cyberdex agenda though, I'm not sure I would go 3x Nisei mk2

27 Sep 2021 aunthemod

will be testing against this list

4 Oct 2021 tzeentchling

Perhaps -1 Reversed, -1 Magnet, -2 Send a Message, +2 Vulnerability Audit, +1 Subliminal Messaging, +1 Palisade? Or some other ice of reasonable quality. The Subliminal seems good to pair with Void/Review and the ID ability.