Breaking for Free 2.0 (4 - 0)

5N00P1 712

For the Schwaben Championship I wanted to play a Loup deck so I took a my previous version and pimped a bit (I thought) and it did very well. Winning me all 4 games, even some in time. Made a mistake and wanted to play DZMZ Optimizer to have a bit more MU, but.... things happen so 4 inf is free, play with it!

The basic idea is, that with Botulus breaking is free, if you add some Boomerang and Imp to the show you might win the game. The deck is missing Multi Access, so I think there is a better version out there. And maybe... just maybe use the inf, I would go for Conduit by accident it's 4 inf... My old version had 1 inf free and I thought give Tread Lightly a try and I like it so far.

I won against: NEH, GameNET, Hyoubu Institute and Built to Last.

The deck was fun and Imp is for sure the MVP and you can recur them with Simulchip if your opponent don't want to trash their ICE for your Botulus.
You can run for free or nearly for free. Breaking Tollbooth for 3 feels good. Breaking everything else every 2nd turn too. And often you can use it to load your Leech and use the discount somewhere else. Like Dirty Laundry HQ for free for a counter & 3 credits & an access.

4 Oct 2021 Longi

Nice build, might give it a try, congrats on the 2nd place!

4 Oct 2021 Bl4nk3t

I second the congratulations and especially like the include of Odore - did you live the dream, and got to break sentries for free, yet ? (with Ice Carver, Paladin Poemu and Cookbook it seems possible but unlikely) ?

4 Oct 2021 5N00P1

The honest answer is, I never installed ice Carver. So no never. And I'm not sure I ever need to break a sentry... I think there was a Drafter with Bochulous... so maybe go for Mimic?

5 Oct 2021 Angelnet5000

Echelon might be a good match instead of Odore since it will eventually be 3 strength like Mimic but without the drawback of folding against anything with strength 5 and above. From what I understand, early accesses are not an issue with all the Botuli and Boomerangs, so it should be great for late game.

5 Oct 2021 5N00P1

In the past I spend the inf on Carmen and thought about Bukhgalter. But I think they are not worth it. Don't spend inf on breakers you don't need. The 1 or 2 sentries can be broken with Botulus. Only in rare cases like you need to break Archer you need a breaker and I would go for Odore.
I will try out Conduit to replace Leech.