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Games are won by those who set the rules

With a predominant solitaire playstyle by NBN and HB, The Outfit provides a lot of interactivity options. This version has 80% win rate + on casual jnet.

What I personally love about that deck is the fact that it is virtually impossible to have a bad starting hand: one of the winning components will be there for sure.

General Strategy

You are playing a set of mind games with the runner. All you need is 2 such games won to score out or 1 game won to flatline. Thus the aspect of psychological pressure is as important as luck, piloting mastery or meta knowledge.

Mind Game 1 "Double advance guessing"

All of these cards land on the table the same: I-A-A-end turn. All in one swift motion. I prefer to start with SDS, especially vs crims and anarchs early in the game. Gives you a 3-0 advantage on turn 2. In that case any next I-A-A could mean 6-0 to your opponent, and this is where Urtica's magic happens. Clearinghouse works in a simliar fashion. If you start with Urtica - it has a different dynamic, as opponent might likely let your next SDS stay on the table with 2 advancement counters for a long time.

Extra points for psychological pressure:

  • Advancing Urtica to 6 counters over 3 turns. Runner go bonkers.
  • Slowly advancing 2 cards in neighbour remotes.
  • Building a super taxing remote and advancing Urtica there

Mind Game 2: "9 cards for 3 points?"

CWP, Dedi, Advance.

Taking it will cost the runner 6 cards. Top it off with a Punitive and you have either won or just trashed 20% of runner's deck for a single agenda. Be mindful about damage protection options. Worth noting that the runner passing on such CWPs is a signal of a skilled player, be double cautious now.

Extra points for psychological pressure:

CWP, Dedi, Dedi

Mini Mind Game 1: "Assets with no winners"

Too many Snares in HQ? Install them. Runners never expect both new installs to be Snares!

Mini Mind Game 2: "Mulligan into 3 agendas"

Discard 2 and either return them later with a doc or punish with Punitive.

Match progression

First 3 points

Score the first 3 points ASAP. I can't stress enough how decisive scoring on turn 2 is. It is worth leaving hand or RnD open and even allowing runner to steal an agenda.

4th point

ICE up, raise econ, draw for Hostile Takeover. Keep on setting traps and hitting the runner. Land an occasional Ark Lockdown to demoralise the opponent even further.

Last 3 points

During the game keep building a tall remote with 2-3 border controls. Only scenario you want to protect central server with BC is late game vs Apoc. We don't really care about early Apocs btw.

Once you have such a server, there are 2 options:

  1. Slam the CWP + Dedi combo. Runner will likely do the run on the third click, that's why we need 2 BCs.
  2. SDS, double advance. This works better if the runner was burned by Urtica, but still is a solid way to go under BC/tall remote protection.

Important If we can get to 6 points ASAP - we shall do it. After that only thing left to do is to draw a Hostile

Cards worth mentioning

Consulting Visit Very versatile card, keep it close to your chest for a kill, Dedi or rare economic boost.

Hostile Takeover You just need one turn in your game to land one of them, always make sure you play it if you have it at the start of the turn.

Spin Doctor Use him exclusively to return Snares and Urticas.

Tech for current meta

CVS for 419 and rare Anarchs

Crisium and border control for Apoc

Ark Lockdown for Anarchs

Adam is usually too slow as is the majority of shapers.


This deck is probably my final version of Outfit as Dedi will be rotating soon. Hope you like that take on the Outfit and enjoy piloting it!

Freaking mind games

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6 Oct 2021 Cooker

Looks fun! Any room for Liquidation in case the runner doesn't fall for the Urtica?