[Startup] The Mob Strikes Back

bember 54

You are the head of a powerful (and so-called legitimate) Weyland consortium. Everyone fears you, and you expect to advance your shady agendas without any bother. If, however, someone dares to get in your way, well, be ready to make an example out of them.

Right, Tony?

Of course, don't make it easy for intruders. Preemptive attacks, ambushes, and, most importantly, solid ICE should get the biggest slice of your budget. Advance your security systems to make them even harder to break. Some of them can score an agenda right before the runner gets their hands on it.

"Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer", they say. In that spirit, sometimes it's a good idea to let them in - but be sure to follow their trail when they go home. The next day, it's retribution time. If the intruder made a big mess though, your response should be louder. Reach to your (deep) pockets and deploy 1, 2, or even 3 punitive counterstrikes to show them who's boss.

New construction sites, privileged info from Wall Street, and the government agents in your payroll should keep you rich enough to finance your empire. If money runs low, maybe it's time to expand your domains or to look inside the organization and steer the ship in the right direction.

If your agendas are vulnerable to the public eye and you are having a hard time with that, call your NBN contacts to control the narrative and bury the flood of suspicion deep down.

Don't forget that you're a legitimate business, so if your reputation gets too bad, maybe you should step back and spend some time polishing your image up. It can pay off in the long run.


22 Oct 2021 Cryocom

Just wondering why 49 cards and not 40?

22 Oct 2021 bember

@Cryocom good Q. I guess I need a good amount of econ cards to afford the ICE (and I wanted to keep the 3x Hostile Takeover to make sure my Archers are always actionable). Also, I remember someone saying that 49 is a good number agenda density-wise. I'm new to the game, so maybe I just got carried away by that.

That said, I'd love to see a smaller version of this deck, aiming more gameplay consistency. Maybe the Hortums and Clearinghouses could go away? Do you have any ideas? Thank you!