Cerebral Diversification

liquidcooled 134

This deck is a variation of the Scorched Imaging deck.

Major changes:


-- Rainbow -1; Eli 1.0 +1

  Eli is usually always better than Rainbow.    

-- Shipment from SanSan -1; Closed Accounts +1

  I don't use Shipments often enough to warrant 3 of them.  I mainly included 3 so that it would allow me to score out 3 pointers faster, but i found that I rarely score them out of hand like that.   Adding a single Closed Accounts will offer even   greater tag punishment, which will also help set  up a Scorched combo.    

Changes from Scorched Imaging

-- Rainbow +2

  I felt I needed earlier etr ICE.  Even though it is pourus it gets the job done early game.  It's not terrible at taxing either mid to late game with its 4 Str.  

-- False Lead +2; Pri Req -1

 To buff the Scorch Combo  More agenda dense, but it'sworth it.  Keep them from drawing 2 more cards or clicking Armitage/MO.  

--Subliminal Messaging -1;

 This card only really works against inexperienced runners.  Most runners will find a way to run at least once per turn.  They make a point of knowing that the run does not have to be successful, which is where a lot of players make mistakes.