CT in a Red Dress

ImTheBanker 141

I wanted to come up with the best NBN hate I could. I think this deck achieves it, but it's also good against most others.

The goal of the deck is to achieve HQ lock along with a psuedo-R&D lock, while maintaining enough creds to run a remote when needed. The deck is based around Woman in the Red Dress and the 2 Nerve Agents. With both Nerves out, you're seeing 5 cards in HQ by the 3rd run. WitRD gives you R&D lock at a cheap price: when an agenda is on top, the corp will always add it to their hand. If it's not an agenda or important trash-able card, leave it be. The corp will need to play those agendas down soon or risk flooding, which is not what you want against Nerves. If the corp has ICEd HQ well, here comes Sneakdoor!

Edit I've since made some changes: -1 Escher, +1 Indexing, -2 Kati Jones, +1 Same Old Thing, +2 Clone Chip, -1 Self-modifying Code. Kati was too slow and Escher was unnecessary. Clone Chips protect against program destruction, but can also combo with SMC to get the rig out faster. And the extra SoT can be used with Indexing.

14 Jun 2014 lemonwood

Played against this deck... Work quite well, the double nerver agent plays can really hurt the corp.

Not sure how well it will play against a Jinteki, that net damage might be too much

15 Jun 2014 ImTheBanker

@lemonwood I have 2 Lucky Finds in currently, but I'm strongly considering dropping them for 2 demolition runs. That would help greatly against Jinteki, but obviously could be helpful against anybody else. Thoughts?

15 Jun 2014 Dragon53170

I don't think demolition run will help much vs jinteki as you still have to access the cards you trash. Indexing which you already have should be fine. If you are really worried you can always try feedback filter.

15 Jun 2014 ImTheBanker

@Dragon53170 You're right about Demolition Run. I think I'll test more as is.

16 Jun 2014 lukesim3

Does Nerve Agent stack like that? The wording of the card would suggest not...

16 Jun 2014 SpawnMoreOverlords

Medium stacks according to boardgamegeek.com . So I'd say Nerve Agent stacks ?

16 Jun 2014 ImTheBanker

Right, it functions like Medium . So the 2nd access with both out will let you see 3, and the 3rd access let's you see 5.

20 Jun 2014 cranked

I really like the look of this deck! Looks a bit like a Shaper with the HQ pressure that Criminals tend to put out.

One question: how does this deck do against decks running Power Shutdown (or any program destruction, really)? I feel like one well-placed Power Shutdown would give this deck headaches, what with only one copy of each breaker and no ways to recur them from your heap.

20 Jun 2014 ImTheBanker

@cranked Yes, Power Shutdown would be a good play against this deck, but that's true for many decks. You do have a Levy, however. So, in a scenario where you've already used your Levy, they've trashed 1 of your breakers (let's say Corroder), and they have at least 1 (non-bioroid) barrier over Archives, R&D, HQ, and a remote: yes, you'd be screwed. That hasn't happened yet, though. I've found that most people don't ICE Archives until after they've seen Sneakdoor, or if they've had a failed ABT. So even if you have no breakers, you tend to have 1 turn where you play Sneakdoor and can see their whole hand.