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25 Oct 2021 ShinChan

I love it! I've been trying to make Kim work for a long time (and I did manage in the good ol' days!), but this definitely caught my attention.

Some issues I've had with Kim in the past is the card draw and click compression. What about adding 2 Mystic Maemi to help with all of those expensive events?

25 Oct 2021 francesco.pellegrini.netrunnerdb

Hi ShinChan, thank you for the kind words! One Mystic Maemi could help indeed and works well with Keiko as well. I'd happily trade Councilman for it.

27 Oct 2021 Rahrhino

I don't think Councilman) can counter Rashida) Jaheem tbh. The corp can rez in step 2.3 of the runner's turn which you then counter with Councilman,) but then they just rez it again in step 1.1 of their turn and fire it anyway in step 1.2.

I think this is how it would work but happy to be corrected on this.

27 Oct 2021 francesco.pellegrini.netrunnerdb

@Rahrhino that's a very interesting insight, thank you for pointing it out! I always thought Rashida had to be rezzed before the Corp turn starts.

27 Oct 2021 Rahrhino

@francesco.pellegrini.netrunnerdb It was something that popped up when Interdiction) was released and whether it could prevent Adonis) Campaign from being rezzed at the opportune time. Turns out you can just rez the Adonis in step 1.1 and take the credits in step 1.2 so I think the same timing applies here :)