Safecracker Zahya

SuperStranger 210

Stealth breakers are a trap in startup. Stealth credits, however...

A criminal run based economy with a stealth twist. Run for free with Trickster Taka and Mantle, and maybe even make some creds with Bukhgalter on the way. Use those extra mantle creds, or Penumbral Toolkit creds, to get extra accesses using Mu Safecracker, using Zahya to turn fake creds into real creds!

Scrubber for more cheated recurring credits. Docklands Pass for more creds on access. Security Testing combined with Pennyshaver and Dirty Laundry makes for an absolutely delicious 6 credit net gain for 1 click. Zahya gets momentum early and keeps it to last until endgame.

25 Oct 2021 ArminFirecracker

Cool Deck. But Abagnale? I would look for some influence for Unity.

25 Oct 2021 ArminFirecracker

And a reminder. Trickster Taka doesn't work with Mu Safecracker

25 Oct 2021 Oddball

But Penumbral Toolkit (and is a free install after a HQ run)! I think Trickster Taka is there to help make your runs cheaper. Abagnale isn't so terrible when you can boost with all the stealth support?