Banana Grinder

Behaner 9

With the latest Ban Update it seems NISEI is trying to eliminate grinder decks and their best solution was to ban PE (an ID they just re-introduced in System Gateway). PE is the longest surviving identity, dating back to the 2012 core set and I know a good number of players might it saddening and maddening that the ID somehow found it's way into this latest ban list. Especially with a notorious card like Kakugo being unbanned....

Regardless this is a deck that tries to recreate the PE grinder decks with a twist. It is near impossible to replace the sheer net damage output of PE decks with HoKs and Sting! and all the +1 damage provided by the ID. Instead Palana Foods allows for some more econ, relies on greater recursion of Snare!(s) and Hokusai Grids with Spin Doctor and Preemptive Action. Ideally you get to keep recycling Snare!s if you find them early and Palana allows your to afford firing them off again and again.

The other major twist is using Ark Lockdown to remove Paperclip from the game which sooooo many runners now rely on. Very few decks run 3 Paperclips and the goal is to remove them all from the game and then hide/score behind Kakugos.

Aimor is a huge boost in this deck that usually will not be broken unless the runner is using Turtle. Being able to trash 3-9 cards right from the stack is huge. Sadaka allows you to trash 1 resource (definitely for DJ Fenris - Steve Cambridge if that occurs). Otherwise keep damage flowing until the runner doesn't have enough cards left to score out Obos or get passed Kakugos.

This deck does need some work. I'm really not sure about the usefulness of; Gene Splicer Ronin Trick of Light

Let me know your thoughts, I look forward to refining and keeping alive the unique playstyle of grinder decks.

27 Oct 2021 ctz

Love it