Blitzkrieg (turn 3 flatline)

OP man 30

This build can end the game as quickly as beginning of turn 3, with an ideal hand. The combo : Clearinghouse, double Dedication Ceremony. If you don't feel in the mood to score Agendas, this deck is fun :)

2 cheap ices, a clearinghouse, and a double dedication / dedication + archive memory for starting hand, and you can force the runner to answer the threat turn 2, easier said than done.

I personally prefer to ensure the combo with a solid HQ flipped and some extra ice and credit, taking 1 or 2 turns to do so, making it often impossible for the runner to trash it. It is better to hurry during certain matchup ofc, especially against Adam, but the combo does work even in late game.

Still, the faster, the better. The key pieces can be found quickly (sprint, spin doc and rashida), and the combo can be repeated several times (archive mem, preemptive, spin doc), Citadel Sanctuary will prevent it once.. but the runner will need more than that. I had a long game against Adam (by far the worst case scenario), where I pulled it off 4 times ! I lost only because my opponent played extremely well and managed to recycle his Citadel time and again.

Winning through scoring isn't the objective, but you can try :)

have fun !