Tulsa Regional: 3rd Place - Chaos "StimShop" Theory

jinteki4life 205

3rd Place: Tulsa Regional

Couple of changes this time around that I felt worked well. -2 Dinosaurus, +2 Akamatsu Mem Chip

The deck, in my opinion, was too reliant on making sure that Garrote was on Dinosaurus to give it +2 Strength and to save on its costly MU price. After talking about it with Sam Suied I just wanted the extra MU and I didn't care too much about the +2 strength from Dinosaurus. So, I went with the Akamatsu Mem Chips because they were cheaper and just gave me the extra MU I needed. The change worked very well for me on the day.

As I stated from the San Antonio decklist, The Maker's Eye should have stayed in and they did this time around. -2 Indexing, +2 The Maker's Eye.