Diogene 1783

Straightforward and fast Apex deck, with multiple way to pass ices, lots of draw, and Apocalypse.

The deck is derived from an earlier iteration (

As before, the deck solves the draw problem of Apex with a hefty draw engine. Diesel replace Wildcat Strike for a better draw consistency.

For the creds, the main thing is Tapwrm. Which will either slow the corp (if the corp purge) and gain you a good amount of credits (between 1 and 4 per turns). Considering that Apex runs on very little credits, this will be plenty.

Breaking problematics ices (like IP Block, Mausolus, Whitespace) can be done with Gbahali and Boomerang.

The most problematics ices are those that trash programs. There is no recursion in the deck, so you will have to be careful when facing Weyland. Colossus is a pretty problematic ice, and it is often used in Weyland decks.

You can resist tags pretty easily with Heartbeat, so a tag me strategy is possible.

The Plan

As much as possible, try to setup an Apocalypse turn as soon as you can. This will help you tremendously, by putting more facedown cards on the board for you and setting back the corp. This is your main win condition.

Cards that were tried and left out of the deck

Labor Rights : This allow you to go for longer games, at the expense of drawing faster to get to a possible Apocalypse.

Kongamato : Gbahali deals better with problematic ices, for and extra .

Wildcat Strike : Not as consistent, still a good card, but I chosed to have extra Dirty Laundry.

Exclusive Party : you get more draw out of Diesel and the the credits gained is just a tad more than what you gain from Sure Gamble.

Cards that could be used in the deck

I've Had Worse : cost 1 credit more than Diesel, but act as an added protection against corp threats.

Prey : you could replace Dirty Laundry or Sure Gamble with it. Having ice destruction can simplify a lots of problems.

Street Magic : would pair well with Gbahali or Kongamato.

The Turning Wheel : for added benefits after Apocalypse.

No One Home : for tag protection.

Fencer Fueno : to trash stuff for less and to pay for Bellona.

Chop Bot 3000 : for tag protection.

Qianju PT : for NBN matchups.

Docklands Pass : cheap multiaccess.

Lucky Charm : the only way to deal with Border Control and Anoetic Void.

Top Hat : a different way to see multiple cards on R&D, if you can do multiple runs.

Mayfly : for when Endless Hunger does not work for an important run.

Peace in Our Time : more reliable than Tapwrm.

Mad Dash : you can absorb the damage easily if your guessing run does not work.

Rigged Results : while less reliable than Gbahali, it completely bypass an ice, which could be clutch for an Apocalypse turn.

Falsified Credentials : for Mad Dash.

Tread Lightly : for making runs really cost the corp.

Because I Can : cheaper than trying to trash cards like SanSan City Grid.

Spec Work : you have Harbinger, this combo well with it.