The Greed Bop (4-3 @ Worlds)

sebastiank 24

This is the deck I took to 60 somethingth overall at Worlds. With 8 non-hardware, non-program cards, the plan is to greedily activate the Prognostic Q-Loop on the corp's turn to get the Az value and most of the time an extra draw with Masterwork. Otherwise, it plays like Geist, with a lot of weird tricks available.

On the day, it beat Azmari, SYNC, Acme, and CTM (there is a trend here) and lost to 2 Asas and a Palana. Flip Switch gives you solid game against tagging and tracing decks, but 3 Boomerangs isn't enough to challenge the speed of HB. As for changes, I would suggest getting rid of Security Chip and Clot (which is good, but probably not as good as..) and get a Self-Modifying Code which can both get out an early Reaver or the breaker that is needed. That opens up another slot, which maybe I'd use for a recon drone to help against Snare!, but something to the effect of a 4th sports hopper to get more draw going would be ideal.

Thanks to Nisei and all my opponents, it was a lot of fun!

23 Nov 2021 Sasha

After seeing this on stream I fell in love with it immediately! I used to play a similar list in Startup, it's great but so complicated to manoeuvre. I'll definitely try this in Standard, thanks for sharing the list!

24 Nov 2021 sebastiank

@Sasha Glad you enjoyed it!!