7 Advancements - OKORINA 4 - 3rd place

Sanjay 3203

This is a Puppet Master deck in the OKORINA format, which means that the ID isn't really New Angeles Sol at all... it's NBN: Puppet Masters, a 45/15 ID with the rules text of Puppet Master, that you can play with today with the handy "/replace-id" command on jnet.

Full ID list for the most recent iteration of OKORINA, OKORINA 4, is here.

Thanks ten million to Aruzan for organizing this. I got ridiculously good breaks with this deck, and managed to both advance a game-winning Project Beale to 7 advancements to win a game, as well as advance a game winning Clearinghouse to 7 advancements to win a game.

Living the dream.

23 Nov 2021 nbkelly

Spicy ICE, spicy upgrades, and you rused me into thinking tags mattered.