Hivemind MaxX (12th at Worlds 2021)

Vale 42

This is Lostgeek's Hivemind MaxX list that I piloted to 12th place at Worlds 2021. It went 6-2 overall at the end of my run, having gone 5-2 in the swiss and 1-0 in the cut.

This is exactly the same 45 as Lostgeek's European Continentals 3rd place list.

I adore this deck, moreso than any other Netrunner deck I've piloted in the past. I played it pretty much exclusively after it was published, and spent a lot of time thinking about slots to change to make it better suited to the 21.10 banlist meta. I considered DJ Fenris over Aumakua, and something else in the Clot slot, mainly the 3rd Dirty Laundry, a single Mad Dash, or the highly controversial 2nd Black Orchestra. In the end I changed nothing, and played it exactly as Lostgeek had at EUAFRs.

NWE had been improving and innovating the deck privately in the lead up to Worlds, so if you're looking to play Hivemind MaxX, I'd highly recommend using Pinsel's Worlds list instead of this one. I'm not affiliated with NWE in any way, so I didn't know the changes they had made ahead of time, or I would have been on that list instead for this event.

If you have any questions about the archetype, I'll rather selfishly encourage you to seek out Lostgeek or Pinsel, as that's exactly what I've done in the past. They know this deck far better than I do, and are both fantastically helpful individuals.

A big thanks to the lovely people in the Drop Bear server for keeping me actively playing games from time to time, rather than continuing to think and argue about Netrunner without actually dragging myself onto Jnet. Our weekend jam sessions were invaluable in the long-run.

A huge thank you to NISEI for running another stellar online Worlds, I enjoyed it immensely. Another huge thank you to everyone who played in the event, having large events like these does so much to keep the competitive spirit of the game thriving.

24 Nov 2021 gilesdavis

Congrats, top Drop Bear!!