Lady Gaga in Paris (5-2 Worlds, 29th place)

Goeshi 132

Lady Gaga

Huge thanks to Baa Ram Wu who sent me the origins of this deck saying "I think you'll like this"... He was right. Not much has changed since his build, except the single Punitive Counterstrike which was added after I encountered several gutsy runners in testing trashing their entire hands to steal a City Works.

On the day at Worlds this deck was fantastic, going 5-2. Two games were over by turn 5, and only one went past turn 10. Not many Runners want to contest an 8-damage agenda versus a wealthy Corp, and by the time they've built up the confidence to steal it you've normally found your kill package.

Losses were to NetDad's Adam who found a 3 pointer early and became very hard to kill with a 6+ hand size, and Zeebag's Zahya who hammered my econ all game and Sneakdoor'd me to death for the win.

Wins were versus solemn_storm on Maxx with a Salems-Spike-Spike kill, enkoder's Hoshiko with a Spike-Spike kill that luckily missed the IHW in hand, plural on Ken who I scored out before they could get set up, and Sokka234 on Steve with a Punitive kill after they went all-in to steal an 8-meat City Works, and therefore validating the one original idea I had.

A huge thanks to everyone I played and to Nisei for a fantastic weekend!