Comfort Blanket (3-3 Worlds, 29th place)

Goeshi 132

In the run up to Worlds I was struggling to get any "good" runners to work well for me, so I decided to just play something that I knew already and have fun with it. Went 3-3 on the day and did much better than I hoped, so I'm pretty happy with that decision.

The guts of the deck are Odol's StealthPunk build, with TTW and Equivocation replaced by Conduit and Contaminate. Last minute I also swapped out a Peace in Our Time) for a second Contaminate as I knew I needed to be as fast as possible and couldn't wait around for my 1-of wincon.

As Odol writes on the StealthPunk list, Smoke is only slow if you use Net Mercur to hoard credits. As a draw engine combined with Aniccam, this deck can get set up reasonably quickly.

On the day I was lucky to not face many Jinteki or horizontal decks which I think are this deck's weakness. Losses were to Radiant on PD with a turn 2 Luminal boost that I couldn't catch up with, Zeebag on Sports with a SkunkVoid remote, and Sokka234's Azmari that just proved too expensive to keep running against.

Wins were vs solemn_storm's CtM, enkoder's Sports and NetDad's monsterous GameNet. All were from R&D digs, and nearly always needing the second Contaminate.

I don't think Smoke was a strong meta choice, but she's done me well once again.

A huge thanks to everyone I played and to Nisei for a fantastic weekend!