Modified Spoonin' Hosh from BiztheDad

uiriamu 9

This is a deck I pivoted to for Worlds after I decided that Hivemind MaxX was too tricky for me as a new player, and after I wasn’t really happy with a chisel-based Hoshiko ice destruction build. I modified a build from BiztheDad, as my title says.

Looking back, I’d reduce the number of En Passant and Stargate by one each, for starters. It was way too slow if I didn’t find my breakers quickly enough, which might mean Gachapons or Moshing to speed through the deck more; and Liberated Accounts should maybe be 3-of: much more utility than Daily Casts. Had Pad taps for a few hours during my last-minute iterating. Maybe put them back? Consider adding back the Mining Accidents that BiztheDad had?

En Passant was definitely useful, as was Salsette Slums and the Deuces Wild. Career Fair less so.