Paranoid Bioroid OKNOTOK 2021 Remix

MagicHead 73

Oh it feels good to have Mad Dash back for this mad bioroid.

I've been working on this for a while, and have had an absolute with this most recent revision.

I played this at worlds, and on the day I went 3-4, and boy most of those losses were super close. But at the core of it was some of the best Netrunner that I've played online in a very long time, so I'll count that as 7-0 in my books.

As far as a breakdown of the deck goes, I'll sum up some of the key parts.

Breakers, all super efficient and can deal with most of the ICE that you come up against as long as you have the credits too boot; Paperclip to Emergent to fish anything else is always fun times

Deal with asset spam with Scrubber and Fencer, go to 2 Scrubber if you want, but I have a soft spot for this narwhal.

Kill decks can cause a problem, get the Sanctuary down as soon as you feel you want to start running, and just keep an eye on your credit total. If you manage to steal a few agendas before dying, Brain Chip is your best friend, just make sure that you respect double kill threats.

Boomerang and Logic Bomb help keep the pressure up, throw in RNG Key and The Turning Wheel to keep the economic and multi access alive until the late game.

T400 is a little bit of a pet card here, but it can be really good if you miss out on getting an early Chip or agenda.

Rest of the deck is mostly built to go fast as I was expecting to see a bit more in the way of rush decks, buit that's what I get for being out of the standard meta for a while.

Huge thanks to the folks over in NISEI Plaza for a well run event, to all my opponents, and to anyone that I bounced ideas off of.

Always be running my peeps.

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26 Nov 2021 Russell659

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