Hasty Butler

Diogene 1789

Seldom used cards : check! Fast : check! Disrupt expectation : check!

Janky deck where you try to outrun the runner by scoring behind one or two ices as early as possible.

To speed up the deck, additional draw was put into it. First, Heritage Committee is the poor man Predictive Planogram, while Hasty Relocation is closer to a kind of Sprint, while also making Jinteki: Restoring Humanity gets its trigger. Also, Gatekeeper can get you more draw, along with Rashida Jaheem and Spin Doctor. Finally, Flower Sermon give you extra draw

Getting Jinteki: Restoring Humanity to trigger is easy, with lots of draw, Hansei Review and Hasty Relocation. This has allowed the deck to forego using Hedge Fund.

Seamless Launch is important, as it allow you to score agendas. Either that, or use Jeeves Model Bioroids to help in that regard.

Hyoubu Precog Manifold will allow you to score behind a weak remote.

Bacterial Programming was chosen, because it is a useful 3 points agenda, allowing you to set yourself up for success.

Initially, I used Viral Weaponization to heavily disrupt the player. But Flower Sermon is just better : more draw, dilute HQ, protect R&D. Everything in one single agenda.

If you think about why Kakugo was not included, here is the reason : too expensive. For the speed, we rely on the drip econ, Hansei Review and Rashida Jaheem.

Fun fact : a runner that focus on switching off your ID by running Archive is actually good for you. That is a wasted click and you can probably activate your ID on your turn.

This deck fun, because it rely on standard netrunner of scoring behind ice and no special trick. It is a race between you and the runner. No need to try to setup and protect everything.