Rushed Outfit (5-1 at Worlds 2021)

HiddenAway 850

This deck was originally built an hour before a certain deadline (maybe Euros?) and is a basic form of a rigshooter deck that I'm just comfortable piloting. It managed to out rush most runners except for Loup in round 2 where I had very little ICE and Loup just went to town in HQ with Imp. The Anoetic Voids can be something else if desired. I think I only got to fire it once through the entire day.

The Sandstone was a last minute swap over Afshar, which is probably the right call, though Tithonium is also not a bad choice. Just remember that Paperclip will break it for 4 though, which is the same on first Rez of Sandstone and costs a lot less.

This deck beat Smoke, Maxx, Adam (twice) and Edward Kim. Overall helped me to 99th place!