Party Cam (1-5 at Worlds 2021)

HiddenAway 850

I built this deck originally for our local meta meetups because I wanted to see if I could get an old favourite deck built - a Comet Ayla deck that managed to place really highly at Charity Gift a while back. When the Worlds deadline came around, I picked this as it was the deck I simply knew best at the time. Sadly I could only get a single win in all my matches, which was against Azmari.

If you'd like to improve this deck, I would advise taking out the Harmony AR Therapies as I didn't play a single one and it has no synergy with Annicam. I would also take out the Wildcat Strikes as they don't really help that much. Takobi is there to help with high strength sentries and try to reduce the cost of breaking most ICE in general.

Most of the games the deck lost were at least close, including a really tight match against CtM!