RAM Deck - Blackmailing Quester Omar

DonLoverGate 194

The alt deck for RAM. Never run remote (until they score an agenda so you can give them a bad pub for Blackmail), control the board with Chisel+Sifr. In a pinch, Omar can give you that Quest Completed for remote access.

18 Dec 2021 uiriamu

But how do you rebirth into Omar if you're Omar?

19 Dec 2021 DonLoverGate

You save a click by starting as Omar :)

20 Dec 2021 ShaperLord777

How does this deck work with no barrier breaker?

21 Dec 2021 jamesmarcus

@ShaperLord777 you probably just chisel Sifr all barriers to death.

5 Jan 2022 DonLoverGate

That, and Blackmail, so they can't rez the barriers. It's risky, but the meta had few good barriers from what I remember.