[throwback] 7raven tiltrope

nbkelly 709

I'm going to be (trying to) publishing a list a day for two weeks, in anticipation for my upcoming New Year, Old Cards throwback tournament.

This is quite similar to the tightrope style R+ deck that I played through most of the season (which was so upsetting to play that it made a certain streamer ill), as well as the iteration put out by Rotage, but now we get to play an actual good ICE (data raven) as the cornerstone of our deck.

Unfortunately, data raven falls victim to cards like New Angeles City Hall and Jesminder Sareen: Girl Behind the Curtain - fortunately for us though, Funhouse does not fall victim to those cards, since it requires the tag be taken as a cost to encounter. This means that a run will force tags, and it will probably force more tags than the runner can possibly deal with.

Thoth is our seventh data raven. Data Ward are in the deck incase you run into a tagme player, and also because it's one of the most taxing barriers you can possibly play. Mausolus is essentially the most taxing code gate in the game, and generally pays for itself, whether the runner breaks it or not.

Regolith Mining License is your economy steroid, primarily because it either baits a run, or permanently sets you ahead economically. I like Daily Quest, but in a world with Parasite, or even just Botulus, it can be a significant liability.

One NGO Front is enough to create reasonable doubt for the runner to chose which runs they make. Snare! is super good when it's got a 2c discount.

Your win conditions are Exchange of Information, Quantum Predictive Model, Thoth, and Market Forces.

And just like the previous tiltrope iterations, every game will bring you one step closer to a complete nervous breakdown.

2 Jan 2022 DonLoverGate

Looks fun :)