MO MONEY! [standard]

erleaus 2

The main goal of this deck is to create lots of credits. You want to use you ID ability every turn. ALWAYS BE RUNNING! Dig for Pennyshaver and get it out as fast as possible. Use Sneakdoor with Docklands to get extra cards out of HQ. You can take out Gordian Blade and add a Conduit to get more cards out of R&D. Use the Harmony AR Therapy to get critical Events or Hardware. Use Boomerang as often as possible, you can always get it back at least once with Harmony AR Therapy.

Let me know how you improve this deck. I look for the feedback.

12 Jan 2022 DonLoverGate

Sounds fun :)

In standard you have Amina, and I thiink you can get away with using 1 copy each of the breakers with enough Mutual Favors. Missing a fracter as well I think.

12 Jan 2022 Larrea

Why is this deck standard? It's only using startup cards.