Reinarado v6, 3rd place Seattle Regionals

grogboxer 406

I published an earlier version of this before, this is what I took to Seattle. I explained in previous version some specific choices. It's a straightforward deck that uses Anarch tools to try and keep the Corp poor early. My net damage defense is redundancy.

Biggest problem were taxing RP decks and a taxing NBN deck. I lost to Red Poncho twice, NBN Yellow Jackets once, NBN FA once, and GRNDL. The last two were definitely winnable...indeed, against GRNDL I actually had an 0-for-8 Medium dig at one point (but to be fair I was definitely outplayed, that guy got 5th I think). The taxing decks are a problem. I lost to the people who 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th place in the I don't feel too bad about the losses.

I could shift to Whizzard and go -3 Daily Casts, +3 Kati Jones. I could also go -1 on each breaker and +3 Daily Casts, since Quality Time got me breakers somewhat reliably. Noise does not work after testing, it causes early ice on Archives that prevents easy suckers, and the ability is not inherently taxing to the Corp.

Win condition is obvious -- use the best breakers out there and the best dig card (Medium) and go to town. Redundancy lets you run with impunity. Money was the biggest issue, even with 12 econ cards (14 if you count Desperado). Kati would help a lot. I mean, I had plenty of money to beat certain decks (I beat NBN FA twice, HB:EtF and NEXT one), but the glacier decks in double elims were a problem.

19 Jun 2014 x3r0h0ur

Seems like it could just be noise. Bonus accesses.

19 Jun 2014 grogboxer

Reina's ability and Link are objectively better. She nets you at least one credit against trace ice (saving you money) and she costs the Corp 5-6 credits at least per game. I've tried this with both, Reina was generally better while Noise helped me in certain cases when they were likely to lose anyway.

My two cents, though. If anything, I'd switch to Whizzard given the prevalence of glacier/asset econ these days. If you try something similar with Noise I'd be curious to see if you get better results with it, might just be my style of play.

19 Jun 2014 x3r0h0ur

I will not disagree with whizzard being a super solid choice. My AoA deck is moving slowly along this progression Noise---> Reina --------------->Whizzard

So many red coats.

20 Jun 2014 grogboxer

Someone brought up on the Penny Arcade forums that I use Prepaid Voicepad...which is an excellent idea in here given the cost of every event. I might try that instead of 3x breakers to make the QT easier to pull off. Not sure yet.

20 Jun 2014 AsteriskCGY

2/3/2/2 sounds reasonable given an extra emergency recursion with Deja.

21 Jun 2014 grogboxer

I know, but the problem is that I need to run early, which means I need to be 100% sure I see the right breaker early given no tutoring. When I tried 2/3/2/2 (well, really 2/3/3/2, can't go down on Mimics...) I sometimes didn't see Corroder and they score behind something dumb like Paper Wall. For tournament consistency I decided to stick with 3/3/3/3.